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Video ads shows up on Youtube home page

It will cost you much because when you open Youtube, the ads will appear on home page in an eye-catching position . This ads gets many views and high effectiveness.

30-second Youtube Trueview Advertising

This advertising video will override the main video, viewers only can skip it after 5 seconds. Advertisers will be charged when viewers watch it for over 30 seconds.

15-second Youtube Trueview Advertising (Unable to skip)

This ads videos will override the main video too but viewers are obliged to watch it in 15 seconds and can not skip it.

The minimum budget is $8,000 for 90 days.

The cost is not calculated on views but CPM. (CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions)

For this method, advertisers can not update numbers of views on the video.

15-second Youtube Trueview Advertising (Skippable)

Still overriding the main video, but different form unskippable advertising of 15-second Youtube Trueview Advertising, this method enables viewers to skip video with the button “Skip ads” after the first 5 seconds of viewing.

The cost is calculated on CPM

This method isn’t required a minimum budget, so you can register CPM appropriate with your pocket

For this method, advertisers can not update numbers of views on the video.

6-second Youtube Trueview Advertising (Unable to skip)

You need to have a 6-second video to upload on Youtube.

This video would override the main video and viewers must watch the video.

The cost is calculated on CPM

For this method, advertisers can not update numbers of views on the video.

Advertising with Google Display Network

This enables putting banners and documents on Google pages including Youtube to popularise your services

Maximum duration for this advertisement is 30 seconds.

Advertisement displayed on Youtube

Trueview in-display on watch page:

This method enables your ads to appear next to video that viewers are watching. It only cost you when they click on your ads.

Trueview in-display on search page:
Your ads would show up on top of search page when searchers type content relating to your ads.

Standard display:
Your ads banner will appear in the right of the main video. It would only cost you when viewers click on the banner.


Focus on your current demand for best solutions

Create interesting advertising videos

Convey messages quickest (probably in some first seconds)

Design beautiful banners, show your messages clearly

Highest effectiveness with lowest cost

Choose most appropriate advertising program for your services


With years of advertising experience, we can conclude that many individuals and even corporates have been using Youtube Advertising Service but it does not work effectively as expected :

1. Content is not appealing in first seconds :

5 first seconds is not attrative enough to stimulate viewers to continue their watching, so they would immediately skip it.

2. Give up the campaign soon

Many companies quickly give up their advertising campaign after a short time of ineffective running.

They all want the campaign to be profitable shortly, in many cases even in 1 or 2 weeks. This is a big mistake about awareness of Youtube ads.

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