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Xiaomi Mi 8 intruding into Vietnam compete directly with portable products

Without a grand-opening ceremony, Xiaomi’s new product is sold in Vietnam quietly with different prices.

First launched in late May in China, the Mi 8 is a flagship that attracts a lot of attention from users due to its strong configuration, beautiful design, face-unlocking experience, good camera and with the price of only half of the competing products.
Recently, Xiaomi has silently carried the Mi 8 to Vietnam at the price of 12,990,000. Version Mi 8 that Xiaomi brought back Vietnam has 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory. The 128GB version is also available, but there is only one e-commerce site that sells for 13.69 million dong (but only for deposits and 27/8 for delivery).

Xiaomi Mi 8 64GB is sold for $ 12,990,000 at a Vietnamese ecommerce website

It is worth mentioning that the genuine Mi 8 price is not the same, because each agent has different promotional policy. Here are some prices and promotional policies for some of these selling points.

Another system launched Xiaomi Mi 8 on the market for $ 9,690,000

– System T: Selling Mi 8 at 12.99 million, offering 800,000 dong discounting coupons applied directly to the selling price, the final price is 12.19 million.
– System C: selling Mi 8 at 12.99 million, offering 1.2 million discounting coupons applied directly to the sale price, the final price is 11.79 million.
– System H: sell Mi 8 for 12.99 million, Bluetooth speaker with 2.9 million but support to re-enter the price of 2.3 million. Users can own the machine without speakers for $ 10.7 million.
– System B: Selling Mi 8 for 10.99 million, below Xiaomi’s listing price, but no gifts.
– T e-commerce site: selling 8 copies of 128GB for $ 13.7 million, bluetooth speakers and 4 million backup charger but not support conversion.

In general, users who intend to own the Mi 8 will need to contact multiple systems to choose the right price, gift and discount.
When the price of Mi 8 portable is around 10 million, if users find a genuine purchase address with good price policy, this is also a new experience with smartphone. Apart from the usual warranty and after-sale reasons, current notebooks have no Vietnamese language but buyers have to wait 15 days to unlock the bootloader and run another ROM version something that not everyone wants to do.

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