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Vietnam officially launches voice-controlled smart home

On June 27th, Lumi Vietnam officially launched MILO Smart Speaker can control the house in Vietnamese voice 3 regions, it is a great achievement after two years of researching Lumi.
In the beginning of 2016, Lumi Vietnam co-operated with Z-wave India (India) to implement the voice-activated smart home project. After 2 years of cooperation with research and development project, in early 2018, engineers from Lumi Vietnam and Z – wave India, have produced the first intelligent speaker product called MILO, integrating Alexa virtual assistant. Immediately after completion, MILO speakers entered the top 10 at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, Las Vegas (USA).

Launching smart home controlled by voice
MILO loudspeaker gives you a living space where all the electrical appliances in the house like: lights, air conditioners, curtains, heaters, … can be controlled by the voice itself, just by simple daily conversation saying. Whether your accent is from the North, Central or South, the MILO Smart speaker understands and fulfills your requirements with ease.
When you want to turn on the lights, you say “Ok Lumi, turn on the bedroom light” information will be received at the MILO speakers and transmitted to Sever Lumi. Here, Lumi’s central controller will receive the information and “command” the switch, turn on the bedroom lights in a blink of eye. Before the introduction of Milo speakers are controlled in Vietnamese, speakers MILO, integrated Alexa’s virtual assistant controls the smart home in English, bringing more convenience to the customer. However, in the Vietnamese market, home control in English language is not very convenient. Instead, users need to have products exclusively for Vietnamese.

Smart Speaker MILO
So Lumi Vietnam quickly cooperated with leading technology experts of Hanoi University of Technology to research and develop MILO speaker successfully the version of voice control with Vietnamese accents of North Central South.
Talking to Nguyen Duc Tai – CEO Lumi Vietnam: MILO is the most prominent technology product in the smart home solution in Vietnam today. In addition to controlling the equipment in the home voice, the product is also applied with artificial intelligence technology – AI self-learning every day. In the near future, smart speakers can remember, understand and automatically perform your most natural words such as “Ok Lumi, the house is too hot” “Ok Lumi, open the gate for guests”. Especially, MILO loudspeaker can provide breaking news, music on demand and talk to the user as a friend. Lumi’s MILO smartphone gets CE certificate (Europe) and UL certificate (international standard certified hardware board, allowing export to 104 countries around the world), and this is the only product that integrates two wireless communication standards Zigbee and Zwave, helping the device work well and provide countless convenient facilities for users.
On June 27th, Lumi Vietnam officially launched the smart home speaker system in Vietnamese 3 regions in Ho Chi Minh City.

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