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Notes when designing and building your website

Identify your objectives
Your website is for selling or merely for introducing company’s products and services
If it’s the latter, you don’t need some extended functionalities as Add to cart, Online payment
You need an appropriate website which emphasizes on features and avoids waste.

Don’t use too many animation effects or complicated graphic design.

Website interface should not be too colourful, just some main colours are enough.

Many dynamic pictures with complicated graphic design will draw customer’s attention, not your message in the content.
And recent research shows although images get some certain attraction, the main influence of them is still making viewers leave the web for a another simpler website. Reality also proves that famous websites are always displayed scientifically and simply.

Appropriate website navigation
If web surfer can not go to their desire distination in one or two clicks, it would be really annoying for them and probably they could leave immediately. Besides, in web navigation, there are two many choices and the page has no information.
Overwhelmed with information and images. Your website content would be rated as “Excellent”but if it contains too many words or images or overwhelming fun, it would be a threat for leaving the site.

Focus on factors that creates a quality website

1. Website content
Apart from updating information on products and services, your website should be diversified in terms of content.
You should update more information on news, or hot topics relating to your business.
Optimize images and continuously update vivid videos for keeping users.
If your website traffic is good due to marketing activities but the content or even its functionalities are poor then it’s highly possible that visitors will not come back again.
There are 4 factors to make an effective website : its quality, marketing activities, support quality and attractiveness.

2.Displaying speed
While building your website, pay attention to speed of displaying. It must be fast or users will soon get bored and skip the site.
Some convenient functionalities help viewers like feedback, contact, search, order, avoiding wasting time and causing irritation for them.

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