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  • Many Vietnamese use Coc Coc to look for any information
  • Coc Coc is a product of Vietnamese  which is optimized for Vietnamese
  • Coc Coc understand well about behaviours of Vietnamese rather than any other browsers
  • Coc coc is the second biggest browsers in Vietnam, only after Google Chrome
  • Diversified in advertising methods : search, banner, video, news…

Advertising methods we’re offering

Coc coc search advertising

Like Google search advertising,  Coc coc search also has many positions of top, bottom, right of the search page for advertisement.

When user clicks on search box, 3 first lines and 3 last lines will show results as advertisers and when user clicks on those results, advertisers will be charged

Some information we need for quotation:

  • Your website address
  • Keywords needs to run ads
  • Location of running ads
  • Estimated budget for advertisment

Coc Coc Search Banner Ads

  • Your banners will appear in the right of result page on Coc Coc
  • You are only charged when users click on banner and open up your website

Coc Coc Newtab banner

Your banner will show up under search box when users open Coc Coc

  • Only be charged when users click on the banner
  • Suitable and highly effective for brand advertisement.

Video ads on Coc Coc

Ads Video can be displayed in 2 different positions

  • Your banner will show up in the right colum of result page
  • You are only charged when users click on banner and open up your website

The cost is calculated on CPM

This method is really effective provided you are able to create an attractive and newly interesting video in first 10 seconds.

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