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5 dangerous mistakes that make ineffective Facebook ads

Placing your ads on wrong objects

Approaching wong objects means that your ads would not get close to those who are in need, leading to high cost but getting no order.

More specifically :

It’s when you sell charming young dresses but you approach men or even over 40-year-old women. They might buy those for gifting others but certainly the number of those purchasers is inconsiderable.

Unattractive content

Attractive content stimulates customers to click on the product, and if the price is affordable, they might make their decision right away.

Boring, unreliable advertising content accompanied with blur images is an unsuccessful ads.

Thus, when creating Facebook ads, the content needs to be simple, in brief , build up trust in readers, along with Call-To-Action words, encouraging Facebook users to buy or interact.

What’s more? Images must be impressive, professional, and eye-catching, associated with promotional campaigns with limited time for boosting customer’s eagerness.

Không thử nghiệm quảng cáo Facebook

Running Facebook ads without testing

Running ads without any tests is a big mistake of an effective Facebook ads.

You have to test on ads forms to know which are effective or not.

An advertising campaign is hardly successful on its first days, so you should segment it for analysis and selection. It not only increases effectiveness but minimizes cost.

Wrong methods, positions and timing.

Some popular advertising methods can be listed as :

  • Post advertising
  • Page advertising for Likes
  • Advertisement linking to website
  • Advertisement attracting video views
  • Advertisement attracting application installment.

Depending on your demands and objectives, you can choose various ways of advertising to fit your situation. If you need to popularise your brand, choose Page advertising for Likes; if you wish to raise selling chances and website traffic, choose Advertisement linking to website. As for direct selling, Post advertising would be the best solution.

Shallow understanding of analysing and managing campaign.

You must have deep analysis and regular examination while implementing your ads campaign for precise review and timely adjustment.

Many “newbies” have inadequate understanding of Facebook running or don’t have enough time for regular check. This may cause unsuccessful outcome with a huge amount of capital investing in the campaign.



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