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4 things for best savings but highest effectiveness in running Google Adwords

In running Google Adwords, the most important thing is to get expected result, meaning that lowest budget but highest rate of clicking on the website.

1. Good advertising articles
If you have a good skill of writing advertising articles, it will stimulate customers’ clicks then increase chances of attracting them.
Words have their strong power of influencing human feelings. You must put attention to your writing to make web surfers immediately click on the ads.

Optimize ads forms for get most clicks

2. Choose keywords carefully
This is the most important thing to ensure the effectiveness of the ads and to optimize budget for your campaign
Not every keyword can be run
If your keyword is little-search on Google, Google system will not display it. Running high-volume search but too common keywords costs you a lot and people searching for them are unlikely to have demand for your product and services.
For example, when you offer washing machine repair service, if you run the generic keyword of “repair your washing machine” , the price will be very high but there are many people searching for fixing washing machine may not want to find fixing firms but just learn how to fix it by their own.

3. Divide groups of closely related advertisement.
You need to divide keywords into those that related closely to each other. This will definitely help raise quality of advertisment and lower cost.
Because :
Displaying position = Quality point x Bidding price
So the factor contributing to display position is not only price but quality price.

4. Create many advertising forms
Google will do the job of bidding for businesses depending on the relevance of the keywords and ads before placing your ads on the network.
If many keywords are not relevant to each other, effectiveness and quality point would be low. It results in a rise on cost and an ineffective campaign.
Also, when creating multiple ads, Google will rotate display ads and then select the most effective template to display. So in order to improve the quality of the ads, you need to create many ads.

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