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Google plan to return to China for its censored search engine?


Recently, Google removed its unofficial long-term motto, “don’t be evil,” from its corporate code of conduct. If you need an understanding as to why they’d make such an update, Google’s plan for coming back in China in early 2019 is the perfect example.
The Intercept has reported that the company is ready for a censored version of its search engine with the Dragonfly code in a custom Android app to launch in China.

Google pull out of China because of censorship policies of this country

According to the leaked materials, the development of the censorship-friendly mobile search engine app began in the spring of last year. Work ramped up after Google CEO Sundar Pichai travelled to China to meet with Wang Huning, a top official in China’s ruling party. Following the meeting, Google announced an AI research center in Beijing and later released a file management app and a sketching game for China’s growing internet-using population.
Content that is banned and not ever displayed will include things that the Chinese authorities disagree with, and do not show up on BBC or Wikipedia. “Chinese version of Google search” is expected to block the ban on Western services including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, Chinese users will not be able to search for “sensitive” content, such as Tiananmen Square. The scope of censorship is not only returning result, but image search engines, spelling checker and search suggestions are also censored. A source from Intercept said Google may be working with a local partner (unknown name) to operate and this app is currently being developed by its employees in the United States.

Dragonfly is predicted to be a new wind for users in China

In 2010, Google officially pulled out its search services from China because it did not accept requests for control of results of the administration here, and moved to operate in Hong Kong. Since then, Chinese are almost completely inaccessible to Google and many other services because a huge firewall has been erected, with the only option being local services which provided by China itself.
After the application is completed, Google believe that the product will surpass China’s current top search engine – Baidu and is approved by the Chinese government, Dragonfly will be the biggest step of search service from the US in the Chinese market.

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